Debbie Steiger - St. Louis Pet Sitting for High Needs, Very Loved, and Geriatric Animals



Your pet needs love, attention and care the most when you are away from home.  Their requirements increase in your absence, especially in the case of a “high needs” animal.

As an animal owner, I realize how difficult it can be to find motivated, educated, and reliable assistance when away from home.   The best feature of in-home pet care is that your pet stays in a normal, comfortable routine.  

After 11 years of teaching in the elementary and middle schools, I now devote my energy to another passion, the care of animals. In addition to in-home pet sitting, daily dog walking is another service that your dog may need to burn energy while you are at work or away.      

As well as caring for our animals, I have spent five years loving & caring for two geriatric dogs.  Many hours were logged in the administration of pills, eye drops and other types of vital pet medications.

I offer a friendly, professional, and individualized service to you and your pets with many years of experience working with animals.  Local St. Louis references are available upon request. Please feel free to call me at 314.753.6626.

  • Active Pet Sitting
  • Exercise / Walks
  • Feeding & Fresh Water
  • Litter Box Duty
  • Adminstration of Medication
  • Affection & Love
  • Bring in the Paper and Mail
  • Turn Lights On and Off
  • Owner Updates
  • Playing


If you have lost a dog, cat or another type of animal, please go to  Bonnie Hale is a St. Louis lost pet specialist and provides search and rescue for missing pets.